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Full Mouth Reconstruction

How a Smile Impacts Confidence – Richard’s Story

By: Dr. Elizabeth Eggert

As a comprehensive care dental office, we strive to focus on each patient’s overall oral health and how the mouth is functioning as a whole, as well as how the mouth is related to the whole body.  Many patients, even if they have been seen by dental professionals in the past, find that they might experience continuous problems with their teeth, gums, or jaw.  Sometimes, uneven functioning can also create excessive wear or unfavorable esthetics with the teeth.

These situations can make you a wonderful candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.  In a full mouth reconstruction, the teeth are idealized into perfect harmony and esthetics, usually by rebuilding with the restorative materials we have available.

We start this process by taking detailed records to evaluate your muscles, jaw, teeth, and their relationships with each other. From there, Dr. Eggert will put together a tour of your mouth and walk you through different treatment options.  If a full mouth reconstruction is warranted, we begin the process of changing your teeth with veneers, crowns, or fillings until everything is working and looking just right.  Patients that undergo a full mouth reconstruction are so excited to have a bright new smile and are always excited about how things feel so much better than before!