Some good news from Eggert Family Dentistry – we’re still here and we miss you!

Dr. Elizabeth gives an update on dental operations at Eggert Family Dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Lea describes dental sealants

Tracy discusses what it means if you’re having dental pain

Joanna describes why dental x-rays are important

Carolyn talks about our new patient process

Cassie talks about Sonicare vs Oral B toothbrushes

Heather welcomes you to our practice!

April answers the question is a manual or electric toothbrush better?

Heather describes how we work to value your time!

Holly discusses bleaching options.

Shelly answers the question “Should I use a mouthwash?”

Candy answers “Does my insurance cover this?”

Tracy talks about the comfort measures at Eggert Family Dentistry.

Randi talks about CEREC in our office.

Jolene describes what happens after you visit our office.

Alex talks about information for new patients.

Joanna discusses at what age should children start seeing the dentist?