Scaling Root Planing

Gingivitis is a degenerative disease that if left untreated, will cause significant tooth and gum deterioration. Just the word gingivitis can strike panic in some people’s minds. The reality is that the treatment is simple and performed right here at Eggert Family Dentistry.

Plaque and tarter that sit on the teeth provide an environment which allows bacteria to thrive and multiply. The bacteria cause the gums to become inflamed and bleed. The condition becomes more noticeable when you brush your teeth or sometimes when you eat. These are signs of early gum disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis is easily treated by having the hygienist scale and polish the teeth. If gingivitis is left untreated, the condition will progress and the roots will need a deeper cleaning, called scaling and root planing, to remove the infected debris from under the gum tissue.

Scaling and root planing is performed by your friendly hygienist. Typically local anesthetic is used and the procedure is done before you know it. Regular periodontal maintenance and recare visits are especially important after you have undergone scaling and root planing.