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Children’s Oral Health

Some Tips for Excellent Oral Health for Kids

 Always brush at least twice each day
 Always floss at least once each day
 Clean the gum tissues of babies and toddlers daily with a wet cloth
 Start brushing a child’s teeth as soon as they erupt
 Children should have their first dental visit soon after the eruption of their
first tooth or by their first birthday, which ever is first
 It is best to use a non-fluoride toothpaste until children can effectively spit
out the excess toothpaste, usually around age 3
 Parents should brush for their children until about age 4
 Children 4-8 years old should still be supervised when brushing and flossing
and a parent should help at least once each day
 Limit juice (even all-natural), soda, chocolate milk, and other drinks that can
lead to decay; milk and water are the best drinks for teeth
 Use regular cups or transitional cups without a valve, not sippy cups with a
spill-proof valve
 Avoid gummy worms, fruit snacks, dried fruit, raisins, or other sticky snacks
 The permanent first molars usually erupt around age 6, placing sealants on
these teeth can help prevent future decay
 Children who play sports should use a mouth guard to prevent injuries
 It is critical for children to visit the dentist regularly to maintain a healthy
smile; at each dental “well visit” our team will
o Check on oral hygiene and give tips and instructions for optimal
o Identify injuries, cavities, or other problems
o Determine your child’s risk of getting tooth decay
o Assess how the teeth are developing
o Identify the need for future treatment for crooked teeth or a “bad bite”
o Provide advice to help you take care of your child’s oral health